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4 Responses to DG Poster2 final

  1. moontje says:

    Perfect Poster!

  2. moontje says:

    Perffect Poster! Love it.

  3. Robin Sutherby says:

    I attended David’s January 18th show in Portland OR. Loved it… I purchased the T-shirt that coordinates with this poster. I love the design…I would love to purchase a poster as well…but I was concerned about the poster being mangled in transit *(as I do not live in Oregon)* Can I purchase a poster directly from Tour Swag and have it mailed to me? P.S. Loved the colorful design of the gray t-shirt…but wish it would have been available in a ladies fit, like the other two ladies options. I also heard several other women out on tour mention the same thing. I bought a small and it fits great, but would have loved a more “fitted” option. A loyal fan… <3

  4. Robin Sutherby says:

    I recently attended David’s January 18th show in Portland, OR. I love the design of this poster! It captures the essence of David’s passion for the violin. Soft, edgy, and colorful. It is neither too masculine or feminine. Can I purchase this directly and have it mailed to me? I am not from OR and was concerned about it being “mangled” in transit. The design of this poster and the matching men’s tee is a home run! P.S. Several women on the tour purchased the coordinating tee…as I did…I love it too…my only complaint is that I wish it was available in a more fitted option…like the other two ladies options. Many thanks…a loyal fan…<3

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